HOA Insurance v. Condominium Owner Insurance

HOA Insurance v. Condominium Owner Insurance. How CC&Rs can Affect Coverage Decisions and How a HOA can Help By Rene’ Turner Sample, Esq. Condominium Owner Insurance (COI) policies are designed to insure everything inside the condo, while recognizing the Home Owners’ Association (HOAs) are going to insure the common areas. Although the concept sounds simple, […]

Why is it so hard to find a lawyer to take a Medical Malpractice case?

Why is it so hard in California to find a lawyer to take a medical malpractice case? By Rene’ Turner Sample This article is intended to provide insight into the nature and obstacles in medical malpractice litigation so you can improve your chances of finding a lawyer to take your case or at the very least […]

Keeping our community safe one case at a time.

When a jury reaches a verdict, they speak as a community setting the value of the loss of life, liberty and/or the pursuit of happiness. We are more careful in a china shop than we are in a Dollar Store because we know the value of the merchandise. Jury verdicts speak for the community and […]